Gnoppix Core

Gnoppix Linux Core is the community free Version. Similar to Gnoppix PRO it does not include the premium features. It is optimized to protect your digital rights. With focus on your privacy and your online security
Gnoppix welcomes you Gnoppix welcomes you

Run Windows under Gnoppix Linux

Easily run Windows software on Linux without pain!

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Gaming ready

Gnoppix' Gaming Environment comes preconfigured to support a large set of Windows video games on Gnoppix Linux.

Thanks to our installers you can have immediate access to the most famous game stores (e.g. Epic Games Store, EA Launcher, etc.) and then play your favorite games, just like on Windows.

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Gnoppix Linux 23 PRO Gnoppix Linux 23 PRO

Compatible with your documents and files

Gnoppix makes it easy to access and use your files, no matter what format they're in. It comes pre-installed with LibreOffice, which lets you open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents. And if you have Windows installed on your computer, you can easily access your Windows files from within Gnoppix

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Gnoppix Linux is highly cmpatible with your documents and files Gnoppix Linux is highly cmpatible with your documents and files

Gnoppix Connect

Enabling communication between all your devices.

Shared Files and Links between devices.

Want to transfer that album with photos from the latest family trip or birthday party between your computer and smartphone? Gnoppix Connect makes this easier than ever before. You can also browse your phone files remotely or quickly open a link on the other device.

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Gnoppix Linux is highly customisable Gnoppix Linux s  highly customisable


GnoppixTV is an IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies and series.

It can support multiple IPTV providers of the following types: M3U URLs, Xtream API's and local M3U playlists

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Gnoppix Linux Gnoppix Linux

Install programs in one clickNew

Installers (introduced in Gnoppix 23 PRO) it is an easy way to install games and applications into your Desktop with a few clicks

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With Gnoppix secure communications come

Easy backup and restore

Gnoppix TimeMachine allows you to easily backup restore a previous state of your Linux Desktop

If enabled, Gnoppix will automatically create a new snapshot when you install a new dependency.

If something goes wrong, go to the Snapshots section, click restore, and restore the previous state. Supereasy.

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With Gnoppix secure communications With Gnoppix secure communications come

Safe. and Sandboxed.

Your Applcations are isolated from the system and will only hit your personal files when you decide.

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Plus all the donations from the awesome users who support Gnoppix

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