Gnoppix is a free software project. You can support its development by leaving a small donation.

How to donate

Here are the official channels from which you can donate to Gnoppix Linux Developers.

Our plans for Gnoppix

We have several plans for Gnoppix' future, many features that take time and money to come true.

  • Jarvis - AI Desktop

    Instantly Generate High Quality Content, Manage your Calendar and Meetings, create Websites, Listings, Blogs & More. Save Time And Money, Writing Clever, Original Content And End Writer's Block Forever

  • Privacy in Linux

    Modern Linux operating systems provide many tools to run more securely. Take back control of your online privacy

  • Gnoppix Mobile

    Still implementing!

    This is a feature in early development. It is a complete replacement for your Mobile OS

  • Fingerprint/Faceunlock

    This is one of the coolest feature of Gnoppix Linux.

Gnoppix Linux is (today) a project driven by the effort of a very small developer team and the support of a magnificent community!

Thanks to them who made a donation or became our GitHub sponsor 💖!

- Thanks from the Gnoppix Developers.